BTFC 4 Completion

The rules for completion are pretty simple, and very similar to the signup rules.

1. Make a completion post

Click on this link to be directed to a post submission page. Please edit the post title to include your information, and submit the post.

2. Note the post ID.

In your address bar, you'll see a combination of letters and numbers after the text: This is your Post ID.

Post ID
A sample post link: In this example, the Post ID is nmmr0

3. Click your after pics!

You must submit three photos. These photos must show you in your underwear or bathing suit. You must have good posture, the photos must be clear, and there must be good lighting. The photos must be a front shot, a side shot, and a back shot of your whole body. Your photographs must show your body from your neck to your knees.

Atleast one of the photos must show you holding a piece of paper with your Post ID on it. This photo is required to prove that you took the photos after the post was made.